Hear our veterans voices

“Average Americans don’t have a clue what military families go through”
—Kenneth Fisher, CEO, Fisher House Foundation

Telling: San Antonio

For many civilians, the realities of war are just images on the local news from far-off lands in upheaval. Most only hear about war from talking heads, not from those who lived it. In Telling: San Antonio, a performance piece organized by playwright Jonathan Wei, veterans and their families were given a voice to share their experiences. A dozen local vets from all walks of life practiced their monologues for weeks and presented their stories at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. What they said will make you laugh, and make you cry.

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“This is real theater – what we hope for – and connects us with a very important national issue.”

– A civilian

“Very real and honest.”

– Combat veteran wounded warrior

“Powerful, truthful, very touching, gave me a clearer picture of the military.”

– Family member of veteran

“I can’t say that doing the Telling Project is something that is easy for me to do. It was painful. I hate remembering that dark stuff. But, I really do believe that telling my story is part of my healing journey from PTSD, depression and alcoholism.”

–Ted, veteran