Hear our veterans voices

“Average Americans don’t have a clue what military families go through”
—Kenneth Fisher, CEO, Fisher House Foundation

The Vietnam War: Stories From South Texas

War Stores

The Vietnam War: Stories From South Texas surrounds a film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, and came from local "history harvest" events.

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Coming Back with Wes Moore

Hear what
veterans say

Hear veterans open up about their experiences and challenges, in video clips from an event held by KLRN and author/vet Wes Moore.

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Telling: San Antonio

San Antonio

This project gives veterans a voice to share their experiences with us, and includes training to perform monologues in a 3-act play.

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Transitioning Your Military Skills

Service Members

Learn how to obtain meaningful employment by translating your military skills and aligning career goals with needs of employers.

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Federal Employment process


If you are a transitioning service member, military family member or a professional on the go, this video course is for you.

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Resources for veterans

for veterans

Find resources for veterans, including links to benefits and services, the latest PTSD studies and an extensive list of books to read.

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