Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard that spots on KLRN are more restrictive than other networks. Is this true?

Spots can include phone numbers, web addresses, event dates, and products and services. However, because KLRN receives some government funding, we must abide by FCC regulations stating that we cannot have calls to action or qualitative language.

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Our experienced team can help you write your copy to fit our guidelines. We promise - it's not as scary as it sounds. Take a look at our library of underwriting spots to get ideas about the many types of spots we can produce.

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Are the regulations the same for sponsors on children's programming?

Children are a special audience with fewer critical skills and greater vulnerability with respect to televised messages, so we do have a few more restrictions. But again, we have years of experience behind us to help get your message across to both children and their parents.

What about the regulations for nonprofits?

The FCC has made extra allowances for nonprofits so we offer a little more leniency to companies or organizations that are nonprofits.

Do I have to buy specific shows or entire series?

Buying on-air underwriting on KLRN is easy because we can tailor it to you and your needs. You can buy specific shows (such as a Broadway special), entire series (such as Antiques Roadshow), choose genres (such as science or drama), or even let our software do the work (run of schedule).

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer a 15% discount with a six month commitment, a 25% discount with a one year commitment, and a 20% nonprofit discount. Note: we cannot combine discounts. We will apply whichever discount is greater to your contract.

Is underwriting tax-deductible?

It can be. We strongly advise you check with your legal counsel to see if your underwriting sponsorship can be considered tax-deductible.

Can I sponsor in the name of another nonprofit, foundation, or event?

Yes you can! We've actually had people who want their money to do double-duty and giving to KLRN Corporate Support is a great way to do that. If you're passionate about another nonprofit, foundation, or event you can sponsor with KLRN with your generosity yet give them all the glory.